Book Sixth Element to run a writing and publishing workshop for you

We love talking to writers and what better way than in a workshop? We have a range of workshops that we deliver, and we’re always up for coming up with new ideas if you need something a little bit different. All our workshops are friendly and informal. Our rates vary depending on the workshop. If you’d like to book us to run a workshop for you, please either give us a call on 07970 065628 or email us at

Writer Workshops

Self-publishing workshop: This workshop gives an overview of the whole process of publishing, including how to make the choice between traditional and indie publishing. The session covers tips on how to finish and self-edit your novel, and how to publish eBooks and paperbacks, as well as a whistlestop guide to distribution and marketing.

Writing science fiction and fantasy: This workshop looks at some specific issues in writing science fiction and fantasy such as genres, world building, dealing with technology and magic, as well as publishing and promoting your own science fiction and fantasy book.

Writing memoirs and true stories: This workshop looks at why you could write memoirs and true stories, exploring what they are and looking at some considerations that need to be taken into account, such as privacy and legal matters.

Writing books for children: This workshop looks at all the different types of books you can write for children including illustrated books for young children, early reader and first chapter books, middle grade books, and writing Young Adult novels.

Writing short stories: How to plan, craft and write your short story, this workshop looks at how you can find inspiration, and how writing short stories can help your novel writing.

Word for writers: This workshop gives you those behind the scenes tips in how to use Microsoft Word as a writer to improve your writing, set up your document with style sheets, save time and avoid some common errors.

Plotting and structure: Part way through a novel and feeling stuck and bogged down? There are ways to look at plotting and structure that could help heaps. We take a fresh look at a few different ways to structure your book and hopefully make some inspirational break throughs that will get you ploughing through to the end, with immense energy.

Character development: We love character-driven stories, and sometimes the best way to get some inspiration for your book is to get to know your main characters better. This workshop takes a look at point of view, main characters, antagonists and protagonists, and how to delve deeper into the minds of your characters.

Novel writing strategies: This workshop takes a look at a few different approaches to novel writing including the snowflake method and ways to plot story structure, as well as genre, types of story and key story elements.

School Workshops

Class Project: Publish your own book. We love working with school class groups to research, write, edit, illustrate and publish a book. As a real world project, we provide all the publisher support necessary, the books are issued with ISBNs and the books are available to buy on Amazon and in local bookshops. These book publishing projects can be COST NEUTRAL to the school and can even be used to generate revenue for future projects. These projects develop skills in literacy, IT, art, business, teamwork and self-esteem.

Books written by children for children: Our range of My First Paperback and My Story books are ideal to offer children the chance to write and publish their own book. These projects are super to give high flyers a chance to blossom, and to give children who may be struggling with literacy a chance to see that storytelling is inherent in us all, and that dyslexia and other issues do not have to be a barrier. We can provide all the support necessary, from initial ideas through writing, editing and illustrating a story to publishing and promoting a book.

Craft Workshops

Sixth Element’s Stupendously Awesome Spellbooks: These craft sessions give young wizards the chance to create awesome spells, potions and curses, all beautifully handwritten and hand-illustrated, splattered with (fake) blood, sprinkled with magic fairy glitter and stamped with a wax seal or an inky thumbprint. The parchment pages are carefully dried and then bound into a spectacular hardbound tome. Perfect for children’s parties, Halloween events or just to have some fun.

Our rates vary depending on the workshop. If you’d like to book us to run a workshop for you, please either give us a call on 07970 065628 or email us at