• Critical Nexus (SimCavalier Book Four)

    Jack Sladen, tech billionaire and local hero, is coming back to his roots. Cameron Silvera, busy fighting a new cybercrime threat, doesn’t trust him. Is he out to save the world, or to destroy it? The Sladen Foundation seems like a great idea, but Cameron knows Jack Sladen of old, and has spent much of her infosec career tidying up the bugs and exploits in his software. Can he be trusted with this new venture, and why does he want Cameron’s help? Meanwhile, the Argentum team has caught wind of a new cybercrime outfit that is making waves and recruiting heavily. The Steamyard’s attacks look familiar. Who could be behind this new threat, and how are they connected to Jack? And what of the very special high security prisoner at Way House? As long as Yasmin the Admin is behind bars, Cameron knows that she and her family are safe. But black hat hackers have other plans, and as the Sladen Foundation celebrates its launch, their end game is set in motion – to create a monster that will take everyone down.
  • The enthralling new romance from the author of The Blade and the Dove, Echoes of the Stones and Smuggler's Moon. Life in Regency London quickly turns sour when debts rise and the man of the house, once charming and handsome, turns out to be an unscrupulous rake. Estranged from her own wealthy family, Gabriella’s mother is distraught as she watches her young family fall further and further into a life of degradation and poverty. When her vicious father finally sells her to secure his own release from debtor’s prison, Gabriella is an innocent young virgin, but not for much longer… As she manages to escape and flee north to the wilds of Yorkshire, can she trust the handsome young man who rescues her or is she destined to face the same fate as her mother? Available now in Kindle and paperback.
  • On Terra, an Earth-like place, our resourceful friends Grynne, Gretchen and the Captain go from Puzzles to Pirates, from Looms to Dooms, from Taverns to Tales, from Laughter to Love and finally to Battles aided by a family of female Ninjas and a Blue Ocean Hawk. The prospect of rescue or disaster looms large. Can Grynne, Gretchen and the mysterious Captain storm Atoll Dubh and retain global peace?
  • Prepare to be disturbed… A private investigator hunts for his client’s missing stepdaughter in a dieselpunk Los Angeles while keeping secrets of his own… A middle-aged recluse has a phobia about teenage girls… In a medieval England, what do the women get up to when all men and boys fall asleep every full moon? A young boy and his alchemist master try to find out… Will Charlotte Bronte be tempted by the devil…? All this and more as dark, quirky fantasy and wonderfully disturbing horror mix seamlessly in this collection of short stories from British writer, Liz Tuckwell.
  • Harvey Duckman presents... not the special plumbing edition. But kind of! The latest in the series of collected works of suspense and mystery in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunkery, called, oddly enough Harvey Duckman Presents… is, as it says on the cover, volume 9 but it may or may not feature a brilliant array of plumbing and plumber related tales, in amongst our usual offerings. As always, this anthology features work by exciting new voices in speculative fiction, including both established authors and previously unpublished writers. These short stories give a glimpse into some fantastic worlds that are already out there for you to enjoy, as well as a taste of more to come. Volume 9 includes stories by: John Holmes-Carrington, Graeme Wilkinson, Mark Hayes, R. Bruce Connelly, Will Nett, Davia Sacks, Peter James Martin, Robin Moon, Joseph Carrabis, A.L. Buxton, C.K. Roebuck, Liam Hogan, Kate Baucherel, Liz Tuckwell and Ben Sawyer. Edited by C.G. Hatton.
  • After growing up in Newcastle on Tyne and graduating its Medical School in 1953, Geoffrey Marsh had a 34 year career as a GP in Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, helping to transform General Practice from its 1950s pattern of single doctors working independently to its current pattern of multidisciplinary teams and targeted preventive work. Upon retiring, he pursued his interests in gardening and creative writing. This book is a collection of his memories of Norton and writings on his medical school years, as well as his poetry, prose and ponderings on family, life and his favourite place to visit, Italy. A wonderful mix of funny, poignant and insightful reflections, Northern Roots shares a glimpse of life as a GP in a very different time. All proceeds from this book will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).
  • An interplanetary package holiday takes a dark turn. A man is driven to madness by an unseen torturer. Construction workers discover a tunnel beneath the streets of the French Riviera. The author’s quest for a historical relic does not go to plan. Vengeance is sought in the Lowlands of Europe. A cat helps lay the foundations of a northern town. These, and other strange tales, form an anthology of the arcane as Will Nett’s short stories are collected together for the first time. Journey with the author, where little is as it seems, as the reader is drawn in to the vague reality that is ‘Bank Notes’. From the author of My Only Boro.
  • From Shrug to the Moon: The Robert Nichols Story Available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Described as a subcultural force of nature, Rob Nichols is known throughout Teesside as the editor of the Boro Fanzine Fly Me To The Moon and equally as the front man of post-punk band Shrug, famous throughout Europe and still playing to sell out audiences. Steve Spithray gets Rob to talk about both and much more besides, including archaeology, local history and his love of Teesside, giving an indepth, behind the scenes glimpse into an incredible character who has thrown his whole life, time, energy and enthusiasm into supporting the Boro, the Teesside music scene and everyone around him.
  • It’s the 1890s and a serial killer stalks the streets of Kingston-Upon-Hull, committing unspeakable crimes. The Artistic Killer shows no remorse or mercy in his choice of victims. Private investigator Stephen Howes, a man with his own secrets, is hired to catch the killer and its his last big job Between drinking himself into oblivion to try and escape his haunting dreams, Howes must work under the guise of a special unit assigned to the police force of Hull to catch his man. But things rarely go to plan and the longer he takes to find his prey, the more those around him find themselves in mortal danger.
  • Mira Chaudhri didn’t believe in ghosts until one killed the electrician. Yesterday, Mira was a perfectly ordinary inhabitant of the historical city of York. Tonight, she’s going to learn that every scary story ever told about her city is true, and many more besides. But only one woman knows them all… Holly Trinity has protected the city for longer than she’d care to admit. A lifetime spent battling supernatural horrors, patrolling the boundaries of the spirit world, and fighting off hell itself with nothing but an umbrella and a Kate Bush mixtape. But now Holly needs a helping hand, and Mira’s about to become her new best friend. Welcome to York. Where owt’s possible. Holly Trinity and the Ghosts of York is the first novel in Ben Sawyer’s series of urban fantasy stories.
  • The No Dragons issue... there are absolutely no dragons featured in this book. Harvey Duckman presents the eighth in a series of short story anthologies featuring some of the most exciting voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk today. Volume 8 includes stories by: Christine King, Mark Hayes, Alex Minns, Muriel R. Blythman, Adrian Bagley, Crysta K. Coburn, Peter James Martin, Joseph Carrabis, Jack Pentire, R. Bruce Connelly, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, Davia Sacks, Liz Tuckwell, Kate Baucherel and Alexandrina Brant. Edited by C.G. Hatton. Available in paperback and Kindle eBook.
  • Looking to escape to another world with a super fast read? Looking for urban fantasy that is a bit different? Or weird stories to make you think? Wanting to discover speculative fiction from writers that could become your new favourite authors? Harvey Duckman presents the seventh in a series of short story anthologies featuring some of the most exciting voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk today. Volume 7 includes stories by: Will Nett, John Holmes-Carrington, Tamara Clelford, Jeshanth KS, Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley, Peter James Martin, Kate Baucherel, Andrew Openshaw, Graeme Wilkinson, Marios Eracleous, R. Bruce Connelly, Robin Moon, Ross Steven Pickering, Mark Hayes and Joseph Carrabis, with a foreword from Harvey regular Andy Hill. Edited by C.G. Hatton. Available in paperback and Kindle eBook.

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