Publish with 6e

We know what it’s like to finish a book – awesome and intimidating all at the same time. Once you think you’re done with your book and you’ve decided you’d like to publish it with Sixth Element, we have a fairly straightforward submissions procedure to make the process easy.

The deal we have with our authors is that:

We won’t publish a book unless we think it’s ready.

When a book is submitted to us, we give it an initial appraisal to make sure that we think it’s ready to be published and to assess what work we think is necessary in the project. If we think your book needs more work before we can handle it, we’ll say so. We’re nice but we’re honest. We won’t take on a book project if we don’t think it’s ready. However, we don’t say whether we think it’s good. That’s too subjective and we all love to read different types of books and writing. At Sixth Element, we believe that every book, once it’s had the care and attention it needs, will find its audience out there.

And, most importantly, you retain all rights to your book.

This is not a joint venture or a royalty deal. We give you a proposal that includes costings for the work involved (basically our time) and the print cost. Once the project is complete, you own all the books produced and you own all rights to your book.

If you would like to submit your book to us for consideration, please either give us a call on 07970 065628 or email us at and include the following information:

  • Your name and the title, genre and word count of your book.
  • An idea of what you’re thinking you’d like to do with your book, so please let us know the format you’d like (eBook and/or paperback) and let us know if you need anything like illustrations.
  • Including your manuscript in a Word document or a one page synopsis (350 words) and your first three chapters would be useful. All books received in this way are dealt with in complete confidence.

Once we have your details, we’ll put together a proposal with itemised costings and get back to you. We’re happy to talk through any aspect of the process at any time.