Poetry And Stories From A Working Class Mind by David Randall

Gritty and raw, POETRY AND STORIES FROM A WORKING CLASS MIND by David Randall is a hard-hitting collection of poetry and prose with an underlying message that life can be better if we can just be better to each other.

David Andrew Randall was born in 1978 and raised in Hardwick, a council estate in Stockton on Tees. It was a time when doors were left unlocked and schools never had to be fenced off. The cornfields grew high and were a playground for all.

Having worked since he was 14, and suffering from long term agoraphobia and depression, this collection of poetry and stories is David’s first book. It is a raw, often harsh, but poignant and moving reflection of the life he has seen and experienced in the working class streets of Teesside.

His message…? Life is hard but it is also easy and beautiful at times. You just have to open your eyes and be better to each other…

Find out more at www.david-randall.co.uk


“This is a stunning collection of incredibly honest writing that needs to be said… goes right to the heart of working class life on the harsh streets of Teesside.”

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