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Eleven extraordinary stories by eleven extraordinary students. Written and published by students in Year 7 at Nunthorpe Academy, this set of eleven easy to read books aimed at 8 to 10 year olds is the result of a year-long publishing project.

11 Paperbacks, RRP £6.99 each
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, June 2018

As featured in an article by Jan Hunter (one of our own!) in the Darlington & Stockton Times, Friday 13th July 2018.

Available On Amazon


Eleven extraordinary stories by eleven extraordinary students. Written and published by students in Year 7 at Nunthorpe Academy, this set of eleven easy to read books aimed at 8 to 10 year olds is the result of a year-long publishing project.

The set includes:

Misty Farm by Annie Mackin
A story of misunderstanding and second chances
When Annie takes on some new helpers at her riding stables, everyone seems to be getting along just fine. But then things start to go very wrong. Why is one of the helpers behaving strangely? Annie has to investigate. What can she do to save Misty Farm?

The invention that changed the world by April Moon
A story of being brave and working together to help people
With the industrial revolution in full swing, the Cheshire family is no ordinary family. Just what could father be inventing in his basement workshop? Alice and Scarlet hatch a plan to sneak down to find out but what they uncover leads them into an adventure beyond their wildest imagination.

The day the bus bumped into the fire engine by Fraser Dunn
A story about telling the truth and thinking about consequences
When Jake’s bus crashes into a fire engine on the way home from school, Jake leaps into action to help everyone. But it makes him really late for tea and, not only that, but he misses his piano lesson too. And to make it worse, his school uniform is all torn and wet. His mum isn’t happy. What is he going to say…?

Lemon bonbons and rainbow drops by Nicole Shy
A story of being misunderstood and doing the right thing
Chloe wishes that the boy she likes would notice her but it doesn’t matter what she does, she never seems to get it right. But little does Chloe know that her Saturday job in a wonderful little sweet shop could be the answer to all her problems…

Female Hacker by Paige Autumn
A story of dealing with reality and making changes
Moving to a new house is always going to be weird but, trust me, I had no idea how weird! As my sisters, arguing as always, fought over who got which bedroom, I went exploring. Finding an old diary in the basement, then a key that led to a silver memory stick, how could I resist trying that simple sparkly sliver of technology in my laptop…?

Shez And Adam by Paige Cave
A story of forbidden love and never giving up

You might think this is a normal Romeo and Juliet love story… but you’re wrong. Forbidden by their parents to see each other, Princess Shez and Prince Adam must sneak out into the forest to meet, not understanding why their families hate each other so much. When they find out that their mums are really best friends, they get even more puzzled… and more determined to be together.

When Wizardo the Wizard Wanted to Score Goals by Ronaldo Luke
A story of jealousy, teamwork and doing the right thing
Ronnie is the star striker on the football team but someone keeps stopping him from scoring! And he’s sure magic is at play here. When he finds out it’s Wizardo, one of his teammates, it’s hard not to be angry. Why would someone want them to lose? But all is not as it seems…

Abbie Potkins and the secret of the Arachno-Orb by Sally George
A story of friendship and courage
My name is Abbie Potkins and I have a most unusual family. You see, my father is an explorer and our house is full of amazing things. I never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next! But when I got home from school the day of the fire alarm, I wasn’t expecting to see a ransom note and find my father missing…

Cure by Tom Fox
A story of friendship, adventure and determination
Having adventures with your best friends is one of the best things in the world. But when Tommy, Mac, Joseph and me saw that dusty old board game through the broken window of a deserted old building, I just knew we shouldn’t have gone in there. And when we set it up and Tommy rolled the dice, I just knew something terrible was going to happen…

Don’t Turn Around by Tracy Cave
A story of overcoming fear and making friends
Have you ever thought that being at a new school, a new boring school, with no friends at all was just the worst thing ever? Believe me, being left at home, alone, in the dark, when your mom goes off to work a nightshift, and there’s a scary clown banging on the kitchen door to be let out, it’s very easy to think that life can’t get much worse. Can it?

Footy-mad Spencer saves the day by William Chop
A story about thinking hard and being useful
Spencer is footy-mad but he’s no ordinary football fan… Spencer is a magician and he can stop time. There is nothing he loves more than helping people by putting things right when things go wrong. But when he loses his ticket to the most important match of the season, will he be able to think fast enough to put things right for himself?

11 Paperbacks, RRP £6.99 each
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, June 2018

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