Grant My Last Request by Beryl Robinson


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The much awaited sequel to A Life Of Consequence, Beryl Robinson’s historical romance novel of love and hardship in the 1860s.

For Hannah Phelan, life is hard in Australia. Each time she thinks she has turned a corner, and managed to hold her family together, something stops her. Now a widow with two small children, it seems someone knows about her life before, in England, a secret she has to keep at all costs. 

One thing Hannah doesn’t lack is spirit. She will do whatever it takes to keep safe all she holds dear. But can a woman make her way in a man’s world in the late 1800s, or does she have to agree to marry a man she hates to keep her secret?

Available On Amazon


“Full of interesting characters and a great story.”

“Beautifully written, this novel [A Life Of Consequence] gives a vivid picture of the harsh everyday life of the 1860s but contains love and sacrifice too. The main character is sympathetically portrayed but the ending left me wanting more – will there be a sequel??”

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