Notes of a Rambling Man is a journey into the life of the Rambling Man a.k.a. The Ramblin’ Pirate. It is a collection of stories, poems and ramblings from the mind of Steven Evetts. Notes of a Rambling Man is honest and unfiltered. The Rambling Man speaks with his own truth, which makes his writing raw, vibrant, tragic, unforgiving and funny. “I spent hours sitting right next to the Rambling Man, as we called mixed martial arts fights for fans on the internet. He would barely shut up, and I could barely understand the words that he was spitting out of his mouth at me or our audience, but none of that mattered. You could feel his emotion and that always told the perfect story which is Steven. The book is perhaps the best and only way to know this Rambling Man’s heart, without taking a seat next to him for hours.” Brian McGuire, writer, director, musician and skateboarder. The Black Belle, 1 World 100 Lonely and Sick of it All. “Such flattery it is to inspire a fellow rambler.” Tanya Montana Coe, singer-songwriter. Silver Bullet and Hide Your Emotion. Paperback, 176 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-51-68-4 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2019