The debut thriller novel from Jon May, author of acclaimed true life deep sea stories, Divers and Salvage When geological survey vessel Storm Petrel comes across the long-lost wreck of British fishing trawler, the Star Altair, where no one would have ever expected it to be, alarm bells resound across the globe. Thriller author Paul Scott knows the name of the stricken vessel only too well – his father was lead investigator in its disappearance almost forty years ago, a case that led to his supposed suicide. As evidence of more and more foul play surfaces, Paul is drawn back to a shadowy past of Cold War tension, spies, assassination, Government cover-ups and secrets that threaten not only his life, but the safety of everyone he is daring to approach. Has he got the bottle to see it through to the end, or will the truth remain buried deep in the murky depths of the ocean? Paperback, 300 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-24-0 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, June 2018