Kindle eBook 99p or read FREE on Kindle Unlimited Rumble Crumble and the Monster Who Worried is a delightful, magical bedtime story to read to children at night to chase away any fears of the dark and the monster under the bed. In this third book, one night, just before bedtime, Rumble Crumble gets a note from one of his monster friends. Bert the Worry Monster has been asked to perform at the Monster Show… and he’s worried that he can’t dance. Can Freya, Pixie and Rumble Crumble help? Of course they can! They love to dance! For young readers, who are looking for magical adventure books to read all by themselves, this is also a wonderful introduction to short but grown-up paperback books with chapters. Written by children for children… Paperback, 28 pages, RRP £6.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-84-4 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, April 2020