• The story of one man’s descent into a brief period of madness and the surreal world he creates.

 Stan L. Abbott’s The Episode exudes a realism and fatalistic inevitability, reminiscent of Canetti’s Auto da Fé or John Fowles’s, The Magus. Buy The Episode now or read for free on Kindle Unlimited. Paperback, 656 pages, RRP £14.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-49-3 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, March 2019
  • Meet Rachel, Louise, Jo and Sarah. They work in the housing office for one of the North East’s most notorious estates. And, as if dealing with the lives of the estate’s residents wasn’t difficult enough, each of their home lives is in danger of running out of control. For Sarah, work is everything and family comes second… until her life is suddenly thrown into chaos. Jo wants promotion and needs alcohol. Her husband wants another baby. Then an accident brings matters to a head, but not in the way they expected. Louise always wanted to be a mum but being a stepmother to two tearaway teenagers wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. And Rachel… desperate for a child and failing at every turn to find Mr Right, she has a biological clock that’s ticking so fast she’s deafened by it. Paperback, 276 pages, RRP £7.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-26-0 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, July 2016
  • MY STORY: Nunthorpe Academy 2018 A story about telling the truth and thinking about consequences When Jake’s bus crashes into a fire engine on the way home from school, Jake leaps into action to help everyone. But it makes him really late for tea and, not only that, but he misses his piano lesson too. And to make it worse, his school uniform is all torn and wet. His mum isn’t happy. What is he going to say…? Paperback, RRP £6.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-27-1 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, June 2018
  • After a tragic accident tears their family apart, Anna and her son Jake arrive in the quaint village of Welham to forge a new life for themselves. Yet even as they struggle to come to terms with the strange happenings within Damara Cottage, new love beckons for each of them. For Anna, the handsome local doctor tempts her from an abyss of grief after the death of her husband. For Jake, a lovely young barmaid offers escape from his own sorrow and confusion. But everyone is not as they seem. Peculiar dreams, spectral figures, and a primordial secret draw them to the cellar of the cottage. An ancient conflict of magic and witchcraft approaches as forces of good and evil hover at their doorstep, watching and waiting… Paperback, 278 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-95-6 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2016
  • Crime has a new enemy… and it never saw him coming. When Robert Jones awoke with yet another monster hangover in his house in Teesside, he could never have imagined that within just a few hours his life would change forever. Kidnappings, the murderous attentions of a midget set on revenge and the world’s largest bank heist are just the beginning. But, the pandemonium all around, Rob is oblivious, his focus fixed firmly on his blossoming relationship with an extremely seductive vacuum cleaner. However, there’s one small problem, Rob is a robot and he’s missing a vital component. The Boro Phallacy is a frenetic, fast-paced and funny crime thriller told through the eyes of two unlikely heroes whose love of Crocodile Dundee knows no bounds. Paperback, 276 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-94-9 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, September 2016
  • The brand new book from Roy Chubby Brown & George Proudman. How many times do you hear someone say, “aye, the old jokes are the best,” or “there’s nothing like an old joke.” Well, here’s a book load of them, together with a handful of tall stories. Now, don’t you be complaining ‘cos I’m sure you’ve said it yourself. Anyway look on the bright side, if you found it funny the first time then you should laugh at it again. On the other hand, you might not have got it when you heard it the first time, so, on the other hand… oh, that’s three hands, isn’t it? Well, on the other bollock, you might just think the joke’s a load of shit and not funny at all. You see, you can’t please all of the people all of the time… by there aren’t half some miserable bastards out there. Paperback, 190 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-12-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2017
  • eBook available on Kindle That Sounds Like Stevie! is a fascinating journey through the lesser-known musical adventures of the incomparable Stevie Wonder. Universally acknowledged as one of music’s most influential and successful artists, Stevie Wonder has enjoyed a career like no other. But how much do you know about his other work, that of songwriter, producer, arranger, vocalist, and highly sought after session musician for other people, and mostly on tunes unknown? In this astonishing collection, which is the result of years of painstaking research and determined digging, lifelong fan and chronicler of Stevie’s life Mick Hutchinson sheds light on the other side of his illustrious career. A must for Stevie fans who want to appreciate the extended work of a living legend, and his never-ending celebration of song. Paperback, 490 pages, RRP £20 ISBN 978-1-912218-41-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, May 2019
  • Tangled Fortunes (SimCavalier Book Three) "Great book, well described characters and settings. Great story. Surprising plots. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!" The Argentum Associates team responds to urgent calls for enhanced security at nuclear installations following a terrorist attack. As evidence grows of a sophisticated breach, Cameron, Ross and their colleagues join an international fight against a growing cybercriminal network with a global reach. Paperback, 344 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-97-4 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, October 2020
  • Step into a place of wonder and delight, Where magical creatures jump into flight. A dragon and fairies play all day long, As a sparrow and imp burst into song. Frogs and crawlies make it their home, Next to the pixies who live near a gnome. A troll lives beneath them, under a bridge, And they all come together to fill up his fridge. ISBN 978-1-912218-04-2 Published by Sixth Element, May 2017
  • Stories are the lifeblood of human culture and more particularly, storytelling has sharpened social thinking, encouraged cooperation and been at the centre of human creativity and learning. In his forty years as an educator, Nigel Northcott has found stories a helpful way to explain, illustrate and explore points and issues. These one-hundred-and-one stories are a blend, and whilst none are blue, they are: old, new and borrowed. Several are stories that Nigel has heard or been told and for which there may be one or more ‘original’ sources or that ubiquitous pen of tradition. What is common to the stories is the element of a moral, a meaning or lesson to be learnt and pleasure in reading them.
  • The enthralling new romance from the author of The Blade and the Dove, Echoes of the Stones and Smuggler's Moon. Life in Regency London quickly turns sour when debts rise and the man of the house, once charming and handsome, turns out to be an unscrupulous rake. Estranged from her own wealthy family, Gabriella’s mother is distraught as she watches her young family fall further and further into a life of degradation and poverty. When her vicious father finally sells her to secure his own release from debtor’s prison, Gabriella is an innocent young virgin, but not for much longer… As she manages to escape and flee north to the wilds of Yorkshire, can she trust the handsome young man who rescues her or is she destined to face the same fate as her mother? Available now in Kindle and paperback.
  • Stanley The Seagull is off on his adventures again, this time to visit all the football grounds that Sunderland AFC have ever played at. Paperback available at: Gary’s Kiosk, The Cat and Dog Steps, Seafront, Sunderland Sue’s Cafe, Roker blockyard, Sunderland Carnival House, Southwick, Sunderland A Love Supreme, The Roker End Cafe, Sunderland (order online) Sea Road Post Office, Seaburn Paperback, 254x254mm, 48 pages, RRP £7.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-93-6 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2020

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