• Salvage, the long-awaited follow up to Jon May's first book, Divers, tells of his time with the truly extraordinary South China Sea Ocean Salvage And Towing Company,from dealing with the devastating consequences of a typhoon in the South China Sea, searching for missing explosives and going to the rescue of a shipwrecked crew, to hunting for lost pirate treasure, treating wounds from a shark attack and almost being lost at sea himself. Salvage has the dry, dark humour of professionals facing tough, life-changing decisions in the face of disaster and has a delicate balance of harsh reality and poignant reflection, giving further insight into the truly remarkable and adventurous lives of these men at sea. Paperback, 156 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-72-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, July 2015
  • Welcome to our worlds…

 Looking to escape to another world with a super fast read? Looking for urban fantasy that is a bit different? Or weird stories to make you think? Wanting to discover speculative fiction from writers that could become your new favourite authors? Harvey Duckman presents the sixth in a series of short story anthologies featuring some of the most exciting voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk today. Volume 6 includes stories by: Andy Hill, J.A. Wood, Mark Hayes, R. Bruce Connelly, A.D. Watts, Liz Tuckwell, Ben McQueeney, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, J.S. Collyer, Peter James Martin, C. K. Roebuck, Joseph Carrabis, Alexandrina Brant, Tony Harrison and D.T. Langdale, with a foreword from steampunk author Jon Hartless.

Edited by C.G. Hatton. “Highly recommended… a great collection of weird tales!”
  • eBook available on Kindle That Sounds Like Stevie! is a fascinating journey through the lesser-known musical adventures of the incomparable Stevie Wonder. Universally acknowledged as one of music’s most influential and successful artists, Stevie Wonder has enjoyed a career like no other. But how much do you know about his other work, that of songwriter, producer, arranger, vocalist, and highly sought after session musician for other people, and mostly on tunes unknown? In this astonishing collection, which is the result of years of painstaking research and determined digging, lifelong fan and chronicler of Stevie’s life Mick Hutchinson sheds light on the other side of his illustrious career. A must for Stevie fans who want to appreciate the extended work of a living legend, and his never-ending celebration of song. Paperback, 490 pages, RRP £20 ISBN 978-1-912218-41-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, May 2019
  • Harvey Duckman presents the first in a series of collected works of suspense and mystery in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunkery by exciting new voices in speculative fiction... Order Harvey Duckman Presents... now in paperback or for Kindle. Paperback, 252 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-54-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, April 2019
  • The winning entries from the first Sixth Element We Are Boro short story competition Write about the Boro, we said. Fiction, true life, we didn’t mind, we just wanted to capture the passion, exasperation and true heart of the fans. And that’s exactly what is in this little book. From Ayresome Park to the Riverside, from tomato sauce buns to chicken parmos, from selkies to goblins, working men’s clubs to away games, what comes through in this collection of short-listed short story competition entries is a genuine, deep-rooted, through rain or shine love for the Boro… however well, or otherwise, it’s going on the pitch.
  • Notes of a Rambling Man is a journey into the life of the Rambling Man a.k.a. The Ramblin’ Pirate. It is a collection of stories, poems and ramblings from the mind of Steven Evetts. Notes of a Rambling Man is honest and unfiltered. The Rambling Man speaks with his own truth, which makes his writing raw, vibrant, tragic, unforgiving and funny. “I spent hours sitting right next to the Rambling Man, as we called mixed martial arts fights for fans on the internet. He would barely shut up, and I could barely understand the words that he was spitting out of his mouth at me or our audience, but none of that mattered. You could feel his emotion and that always told the perfect story which is Steven. The book is perhaps the best and only way to know this Rambling Man’s heart, without taking a seat next to him for hours.” Brian McGuire, writer, director, musician and skateboarder. The Black Belle, 1 World 100 Lonely and Sick of it All. “Such flattery it is to inspire a fellow rambler.” Tanya Montana Coe, singer-songwriter. Silver Bullet and Hide Your Emotion. Paperback, 176 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-51-68-4 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2019
  • The stunning sequel to A.L. Buxton’s epic fantasy novel set in the world of Requirium is  out now. Available in eBook on Kindle or in paperback from 6E now.
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    Eleven extraordinary stories by eleven extraordinary students. Written and published by students in Year 7 at Nunthorpe Academy, this set of eleven easy to read books aimed at 8 to 10 year olds is the result of a year-long publishing project. 11 Paperbacks, RRP £6.99 each MY STORY SET OF 11 BOOKS SPECIAL PRICE £50 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER £25 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, June 2018 As featured in an article by Jan Hunter (one of our own!) in the Darlington & Stockton Times, Friday 13th July 2018.
  • The brand new book from Roy Chubby Brown & George Proudman. How many times do you hear someone say, “aye, the old jokes are the best,” or “there’s nothing like an old joke.” Well, here’s a book load of them, together with a handful of tall stories. Now, don’t you be complaining ‘cos I’m sure you’ve said it yourself. Anyway look on the bright side, if you found it funny the first time then you should laugh at it again. On the other hand, you might not have got it when you heard it the first time, so, on the other hand… oh, that’s three hands, isn’t it? Well, on the other bollock, you might just think the joke’s a load of shit and not funny at all. You see, you can’t please all of the people all of the time… by there aren’t half some miserable bastards out there. Paperback, 190 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-12-7 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, November 2017
  • This handbook presents a complete six week course on yama which is firmly rooted in the teachings of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra. It is a practical companion text and includes: •    An accessible explanation of the yama sūtra. •    Weekly asana sequences which relate to each of the yama. •    A graduated plan for developing ujjāyī prāṇāyāma. •    Thirty yama based mantra for meditation. •    Six complete relaxation scripts. •    More than thirty ‘off-the-mat’ practices which support understanding. •    A comprehensive bibliography. •    Recommended websites for easy access to high quality information and training. The course is designed so that readers can use the whole course or choose specific practices to bring fresh ideas to existing plans. Susan Lodge BA, PGCE, MA (Ed), BWY Dip, YFHF Cert is an experienced yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for almost twenty years. She has studied yoga with teachers in England and Spain, and teaches regularly in the North East of England and on yoga holidays in Turkey. In this series of books developed especially for yoga teachers, Susan presents fundamental principles which lie at the core of her teaching in an accessible and extremely useful format. Paperback, 88 pages, RRP £12.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-92-5 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, May 2016
  • My Only Boro is not just about Middlesbrough Football Club, it’s not just a history book about the town and it’s not just a social commentary on a town once described as the worst place to live in Britain – it’s all this and more. “A must read for Boro fans, memories of the good old days that we long to return to, and all you non-footy fans will love it as well. It’s witty and fun to read, a real blast from the past.” Bernie Slaven, Boro Legend Paperback, 176 pages, RRP £8.99 ISBN 978-1-908299-22-2 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, December 2011
  • In June 2019, Lisette Auton and Sara Gibbeson took part in the Crossing the Tees Book Festival as Poet-in-Residence and Illustrator-in-Residence. The Festival is in its sixth year and takes place in libraries across the five boroughs which make up the Tees Valley. Over the course of the festival fortnight Lisette and Sara attended events, held workshops and masterclasses, worked in schools and scribbled incessantly. This collection is the culmination of their work together and includes some of the poetry produced by our incredibly talented Tees Valley pupils. The Ink Flows Poetry Collection, as part of Crossing the Tees Book Festival, has been made possible due to generous funding by the five borough library services, Arts Council England and Northern Festival of Illustration. Paperback, 58 pages, RRP £9.99 ISBN 978-1-912218-71-4 Published by Sixth Element Publishing, December 2019

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