• Does your book cover need a bit of care and attention? We love designing book covers and we believe that the effort you put into your book deserves a cover to do it justice. Whether you have a cover already, that you're not quite happy with, or you need one designing from scratch, we can help. Buy now or give us a call to discuss your book.
  • Manuscript Makeover

    Does your manuscript need a makeover? We work with authors who have self-published their books, totally independently, and find that they need a bit of a makeover, tidy, final edit or format to make sure their book doesn't have basic errors in it before uploading to KDP. We work on a final Word document, and can edit with or without tracked changes. Our costs include time to discuss the changes we've made with you, and also discuss any further possible changes we'd like to suggest. Please contact us for a bespoke price if your manuscript doesn't fit any of these word counts.
  • Sixth Element Mentoring Sessions £25/hour Need a bit of a boost on your work in progress? Not sure what to do next with your book? Treat yourself to a one hour intense mentoring session with Sixth Element. We can help fix a manuscript, work on structure or character development, help with KDP listings, come up with promotional ideas or help with any writing projects. Meetings can be by phone, Zoom or Skype. Please email us to arrange an appointment.
  • The Robinson House Writers meet regularly each month to discuss writing and publishing.
    • Lifetime membership free to all Sixth Element Authors.
    • Otherwise annual membership £25 a year.
    • One-off meetings £5.
    If you’d like more details, please contact us on 01642 360253 or drop us an email to hello@6e.net.
    Buy an annual membership now to gain access to all our meetings for a year - includes a free one hour mentoring session worth £25.