Q: How much does it cost to indie-publish a book with Sixth Element?

A: We always provide a bespoke price for each book project after discussing your book with you and taking an initial look at your manuscript. If we feel your book needs more work in the writing and creative process before publishing, we’ll say so and give you constructive feedback. If we all agree that your book is as ready as it can be, we produce a proposal with itemised costs for each stage of the production process. As an example, a typical 70,000 word novel costs £1,295 to publish including final edit, typesetting, cover design, and proofread to produce files ready to upload for KDP Kindle and print on demand paperbacks.

Q: If I publish my book through Sixth Element, do I get to keep all the rights to my work?

A: Yes, absolutely. All copyright is yours because you wrote it, and more importantly, our authors retain all rights to their book.

Q: Do you just work with local authors (ie from the North East of England)?

A: We do work with a lot of local authors and we always enjoy sitting down over a coffee to chat about the books we’re working on. However, we do work with authors through phone, email, drop boxes, Zoom and Skype – it’s then great when we do get to meet up in person. We love working with authors worldwide so wherever you are, do get in touch.

Q: I haven’t finished my book yet, can I still work with you?

A: Yes, we offer author mentoring at £25 per hour for one to one sessions, either in person or on the phone. We can read through works in progress, offer feedback on manuscripts or help with writing a synopsis, and we also offer editorial services on a chapter by chapter basis.