Author Services

As well as our publishing packages, we offer a host of services to authors who have decided that indie publishing is the way to go.

Mentoring: Need inspiration, a nudge to get to the end of your novel, stuck with the structure of your characters, characters not behaving, baffled by pov…? We love sitting down over a cup of tea and chatting about books, specifically your book and what you need to get you running back to your computer feeling full of energy and enthusiasm to get on with your book.

Manuscript read through with marked up comments: Finished your novel and need an honest, thorough beta read? We print off your manuscript and read it as a reader would, but with an eye for detail that comes from years of publishing experience. We’re very honest with our feedback but we understand how much you’ve put into your book so we’re nice too, and we firmly believe that if a book has the care and attention it needs, it will find an audience that loves it.

Proofreading: If you are indie publishing your book but would like an extra pair of eyes to check over your work before you go for it, we’re happy to proofread as a stand-alone service. We proofread a printed off copy of your book and annotate corrections and suggestions.

Cover design: Professional graphic design by a designer who will take the time to find out what you want for your book cover, and work with you to make sure that you’re delighted with the result. We include eBook covers to Kindle specification, high res print-ready spreads with front, spine and back plus advice on your back cover blurb.

Book promotion packages: Please call us for more details.